Are we really proud to be an Indian???


Today I had a discussion with my friends that started with some jokes & ended up at a very hot discussion. Thank God no one fought there.The topic was –
Are we really Proud to be an Indian???

I know many of you will not agree with me but whatever I thought & said there is here for you.

I think there is a big difference between being Proud & Patriotic. Honestly, I am not really proud to be an Indian anymore. Wait!!!, Don’t judge me so quickly, I am Patriotic.

Just few months back I read a statement of a very responsible person of our nation-“A new era of revolution is here, everybody with a computer & internet connection is an activist now, protesting against series of rapes happened in our country, against corruption & a number of other things..” But this is the thing for some days or weeks & then everyone forgets about it. Are we proud of this?

CORRUPTION the most common thing or must say became the integral part of our country. The figures in all the scams are shocking, not many of us can even count the total & the credit(?) goes to most responsible & top leaders. Are we proud of this?

Many other things like Orthodoxy, Reservation, etc were also discussed without any conclusion. There is no end of this topic but it has to be. Not only on papers or such blogs but in realty then only We (atleast I) can be really proud to be a part of this country.


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